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Origins Unveiled

About Us

Learn more about us and what inspired us to start this business

Why we started this business

In our lifetime, we have acquired precious items from family.  We have a couple of wedding gifts that had been given to my grandmother; her childhood porcelain doll, a quilt that she made for each of her grandchildren for High School graduation, and other “priceless” artifacts.

My daughter’s name is Amanda named after her great aunt.  Aunt Amanda hand crocheted an intricate table cloth that was given to my parents for a wedding gift 72 years ago.  I was given the crocheted piece to keep it safe and eventually hand down to my daughter.

It isn’t just “things” that we have acquired over the years.  Memories are also important to us. It is this that establishes who we are and what we become. Shared experiences are at the heart of all relationships.  After dabbling in genealogy, I have found out that even generations who never lived on this earth at the same time-have shared experiences.  It lets us know that, even though sometimes decades separate us, we can relate to our ancestors.

Our hope is that someone in our family will carry the torch into the next generation.  Our desire is that you will be motivated to create good memories for your life and capture stories from loved ones who remember the past.